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Best Reason to Go to Boulder for a Show — Still Denver 2008 - Fox Theatre

Fox Theatre

Fox Theatre

1128 13th St.

Boulder, CO 80302


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It may seem redundant to continue heaping praise on the Fox Theatre year after year. After all, the venue hasn't undergone any major renovations in recent memory. But it doesn't need to, because the Fox is still the best place along the Front Range to see a show. The sound is flawless, the sightlines unobstructed, and the talent is as compelling, relevant and diverse as ever. Nothing's changed at the Fox — and that's a good thing.
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don scarmuzzi
don scarmuzzi

I like the Fox theater as much as anyone, but to call it "the best place along the Front Range to see a show" might be a bit of a stretch with Red Rocks Amphetheater right there. Hello....