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Best Scene Enthusiast Denver 2008 - John Baxter

The title "promoter" can be a loaded one, conjuring the image of some sleazy opportunist trying to milk coin off another's god-given ability. But if you're a musician on the local periphery, you can do no better than having John Baxter in your corner. Eschewing the limelight and any sort of credit, he's the kind of music-first guy who'll hate getting an award. But ask any of the artists he's helped promote — from Ian Cooke to Ghost Buffalo to Tim Pourbaix to Killfix — and they'll tell you how invaluable his help has been. Currently working his ass off for the Old Curtis Street Bar — where he's helping provide one of the more diverse and consistently entertaining lineups around — Baxter can be seen night after night, day after day, nodding his head to the sounds of a scene he so obviously adores.
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Yeah, of course my mother would be the one who finds this and comments on it! Love you too mom and thank you so much to the staff at Westword, you are far too kind. Adam, text ya later about some 'opportunities.'


Very deserving for such a wonderful person. We are so proud of you and what you have accomplished. Keep up the great work you are doing because we know how much your passion for this and this award went to the right person. All our love.