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Best Soundmen Denver 2008 - Devon Rogers and Xandy Whitesel

Recently, a gal at the hi-dive noticed us watching a show off to the side and came over to offer us some unsolicited advice. "Listen," she said, "if you want to really enjoy the show, you need to stand over here." And she nodded toward the rear of the club, insisting that's where the sound is the best. While we were grateful for the tip, the truth is that the sound at the hi-dive is flawless no matter where you're standing — just as long as Devon Rogers or Xandy Whitesel is behind the board. The best soundmen in town, these guys deliver consistently crisp mixes with clear and distinct separation that's music to our ears.
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This is a hello to the awesome soundman Xandy Whitesel from Hawaii - hope you are having so much fun!

Much Aloha and Goodness-