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Best Store on North Tennyson Street Denver 2008 - Tennyson Hardware

Tennyson Hardware

Tennyson Hardware

4034 Tennyson St.

Denver, CO 80212


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Tennyson Hardware is the kind of folksy business every great community needs: Be-muraled on the north wall and stacked high inside with nails and such in floor-to-ceiling bins, it's owned by the Kort family in a location that's been dealing hardware for decades. Neighborhoods rule, and businesses like Tennyson Hardware are what keep them vital.
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Kevin Knape
Kevin Knape

Congratulations Larry & Holly!!We are proud to be associated with the best that Denver has to offer!

KevinInterstate All Battery Center


Thank you for making us one of the Denver's Best!!!

The Kort FamilyTennyson Hardware