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Best TV Anchor Denver 2008 - Alan Gionet
Channel 4

Readers' Choice: Bob Kendrick
Alan Gionet served as a Channel 4 staffer for several years in the'90s, before he left for a chief-anchor job in Jacksonville, Florida. He recently returned to Denver, better than before: more comfortable and commanding, with a gravitas that had previously seemed just beyond his grasp. At the anchor desk, he handles hard news and happy talk with equal aplomb, and his "Good Question" segments, in which he answers viewer inquiries, is far less cheesy than it could be, thanks to his relaxed manner and steady intelligence. This is one anchor that shouldn't be dropped anytime soon.
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Marion Hansen
Marion Hansen

It is a dirty shame that you are getting rid of Alan Gionet who has been my favorite news anchor since Bob Palmer. He is smart, capable, articulate, a good reporter, and does much more than just read the news without giving it any thought. You are giving Alan the Molly Hughes treatment which is disgusting.