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Best TV Eye in the Sky Denver 2008 - Jayson Luber
Channel 7

When Channel 7 lured Jayson Luber away from KOA radio and Channel 9, it seemed like an odd — and expensive — move. After all, people don't tune into newscasts just because of the guy in the helicopter, do they? But Luber has proved to be a valuable addition to the station's news team, providing practical information in a clear, knowledgeable manner whether he's floating high above a traffic catastrophe or in the studio, giving drivers alternate-route suggestions with assistance from his handy telestrator. You can get there from here — if Luber is showing you the way.
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he sucks.....


You need to make room for "radio" eye in the sky! FM 104-3 The Fan's Scott DeHuff would be the clear choice. Jock Sniffer 104-3 blows all the helicopter reporters away!