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Best TV Weathercaster Denver 2008 - Ashton Altieri
Channel 9

Readers' Choice: Kathy Sabine
Talk about a fresh face. Ashton Altieri looks so young he could pass for an ambitious high-schooler who somehow managed to talk his way onto the set. But with his tender years comes an energy and enthusiasm that's lacking in most of his prognosticating peers — and Altieri has an edgy sense of humor that makes his presentations worth watching even if the forecast is for clear skies and moderate temperatures instead of a city-paralyzing blizzard.
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Ron Altier
Ron Altier

Why don't you feature rainfall and snowfall updates? I believe we are in a prolonged dry period. How does this effect our farmers crops? What about our lawns? How is the mountain snowfall, compared to normal? Show how/where our water is stored and any plans for the future storage. Also show what areas use the mountain water, both in state and out of state.

Thanks, Ron


Ashton's gay? Damn. He could marry me (after my divorce) and I wouldn't have to wait for the legislature to catch up.


I love Ashton, love him. Ashton, will you marry me (once it's legal)?