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Best Way for Drummers to Get Their Groove On Denver 2008 - Po' Boy Drums

Driven by a desire to offer top-notch drum kits at an affordable price, Tony Chadwick founded Po' Boy Drums, a Littleton company that offers drums manufactured in the same plants as the better-known and more established brands. The prices may be lower, but Chadwick doesn't take shorcuts; the drums are made from the finest woods and undergo a special lamination process to keep the shells from warping or cracking. And Chadwick backs his product with a thirty-day satisfaction guarantee. No wonder we keep seeing more and more local drummers playing these kits.
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Tony Chadwick
Tony Chadwick

Thanks to all of oyu guys who voted for us! We are here for all of you...and will be around for years to come to help you get that groove on!