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Best Western Painting Show — Solo Denver 2008 - Don Coen
William Havu Gallery

Artfully blending contemporary concepts with Western images is a popular pursuit for many Colorado artists, though few have been doing it longer or more successfully than Boulder artist Don Coen. The magnificent Don Coen took over the entire first floor of the Havu gallery and featured the artist's depictions of ranch animals, which are often monumental in size and hyperrealist in style — sort of like pop art with a rural twist. In this way, Coen avoids the sentimentality that characterizes most of the Cowboy-and-Indian junk that typically makes up new art about the American West.
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Saidul Hoque
Saidul Hoque

I attended in that show though I love abstract Horse Painting. I saw his every contemporary painting. Most of the paintings touched my heart.

Agus Suroto
Agus Suroto

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