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  • Best Guess for When the Colorado Rockies Will Return to the World Series


    In spite of the cohesion, the positive attitude and the talent, the Colorado Rockies will suffer from a 2007 playoff hangover in 2008. But in 2009, with several of the core pitchers and position players now signed to multi-year deals — and Matt Holliday playing for big bucks and a new contract — the Rox will overpower the rest of… More >>
  • Best Av

    Paul Stastny

    Colorado hockey lovers were in a state of bliss when the Avalanche brought back icons Peter Forsberg and Adam Foote earlier this year. But because of their age, not to mention Forsberg's physical condition, neither can be considered long-term solutions for what ails the team — a fact reinforced in early March when both got hurt. Paul Stastny, in contrast,… More >>
  • Best Mammoth

    Dan Carey

    The pride of Buffalo, New York's modest Canisius College, forward Dan Carey has played in the National Lacrosse League for three years, and he's made the all-star game three times — an indication of his offensive dominance. In 2006, the Mammoth won the NLL championship, but the team wouldn't have gotten there were it not for Carey, who scored the… More >>
  • Best Rapid

    Christian Gomez

    For years, Argentina-born Christian Gomez anchored DC United, one of Major League Soccer's premier franchises; the crew earned the MLS Supporters' Shield for best regular-season record in both 2006 and 2007. Since the Rapids haven't performed at a comparable level this millennium, they clearly need some help, so praise be that Stan Kroenke's minions put in a call to D.C.… More >>
  • Best Crush

    John Elway

    The Crush boasts a seasoned quarterback, John Dutton, and a corps of effective receivers, including Brad Pyatt, a University of Northern Colorado product who's returned to the state where he got his start. Still, the reason for the organization's popularity remains a man who hasn't played a down for the team: co-owner John Elway. Number 7 is a relentless salesman… More >>
  • Best Sports Team — Professional

    Colorado Rockies

    Could it be anything else? Early in the 2007 campaign, after the Rox lost a series to the woeful Kansas City Royals (at home, no less), at least one website demanded that owners Charlie and Dick Monfort sell the franchise to someone who might actually invest in making the team better. But then something funny happened: The Rockies' talented young… More >>
  • Best Sports Team — College

    Air Force Academy Falcons Football

    The Falcons seemed sure to take a dip in 2007 thanks to turmoil at the top: Fisher DeBerry, who made headlines two years earlier after suggesting that a bowl-game loss could be traced to AFA's dearth of "Afro-American players," stepped down before the season started, ending a 23-year run as head coach. But Academy grad Troy Calhoun, who'd coached in… More >>
  • Best Coach — Professional

    Clint Hurdle
    Colorado Rockies

    In April 2007, when Clint Hurdle received a two-year contract extension, a significant portion of the Rockies nation was agog. In most major-league cities, doubters argued, a skipper with a putrid .447 winning percentage would have been given the heave-ho, not guaranteed employment for two more seasons. But Hurdle proved his worth during the roller-coaster campaign that followed, keeping the… More >>
  • Best Coach — College

    Kathy McConnell-Miller
    University of Colorado Women's Basketball

    Kathy McConnell-Miller faced a tough task when she took over as the Lady Buffs' coach in 2005. Not only did she have to replace legendary predecessor Ceal Barry, but from a talent standpoint, the cupboard was bare. During the three seasons since then, however, the team has improved from respective records of 9-21 and 13-17 during her first two years… More >>
  • Best Sports Announcer

    Drew Goodman
    FSN Rocky Mountain

    Drew Goodman has been a reliable play-by-play man for ages, but he really proved his value during the Colorado Rockies' 2007 season. When the team started off poorly, he kept things in perspective without ever turning into a paid apologist — a skill he honed as a witness to years of Rockies ineptitude. And he maintained this same admirable balance… More >>
  • Best Moment in Denver Sports

    Rockies Win the Pennant

    Starting on September 15, 2007, the Colorado Rockies took 21 of 22 games, going on the greatest winning streak of any team to get into the World Series. Four games back in the Wild Card race, they steamrolled the Dodgers; humiliated the Padres in a game that included the second-best moment in Denver sports when Matt Holliday, um, crossed home… More >>
  • Best College Basketball Celebrities

    Brittany Spears and Whitney Houston
    University of Colorado Women's Basketball

    The combination of singers Britney Spears and Whitney Houston sounds nightmarish, given that both performers have turned into walking/talking versions of E! True Hollywood Story. But the basketballing Spears and Houston make a much more effective pair, with Brittany, a freshman, ending the 2007-2008 season as the Lady Buffs' second-leading scorer, and Whitney, a sophomore, providing steady play off the… More >>
  • Best Mascot


    She's outlasted two head coaches and hordes of players. She's seen bowl games and busted seasons. And now she's getting close to retirement. Ralphie IV, the University of Colorado's live buffalo mascot won't run with the football team this year (except for special appearances); she'll be replaced with the spryer Ralphie V, who was introduced last fall and is now… More >>
  • Best Place to Spot a Starting Nugget

    Blue Ice

    On hip-hop nights, there's a line out the door at Blue Ice, and people pack the dance floor. But in the back, behind the cloth screens, you can usually find a Nugget or two chilling, sipping expensive champagne and macking on hotties. Big man Marcus Camby frequents the spot, and Kenyon Martin and Carmelo Anthony come around from time to… More >>
  • Best Place to Spot a Second-String Nugget

    Purple Martini-DTC

    There's a lot of electricity at Purple Martini's south location, and we're not just talking about the night a Greenwood Village police officer tasered former Nuggets bench-warmer DerMarr Johnson. "Purple," as the cool kids call it (also known as "Second Stringers"), is a top spot to watch backup Nuggets picking up chicks. In fact, these guys probably score more here… More >>
  • Best Place to Score an Elway Bobblehead

    Elway's Downtown

    The new Elway's at the Ritz-Carlton is such a great people-watching spot that your neck will hurt after a few drinks at the bar, but that's far from the only head-bobbling going on. The steakhouse also has "a roomful" of real bobbleheads featuring its namesake, retired Bronco legend John Elway, and they're free for the asking to anyone who wants… More >>
  • Best Place to Score in Glendale

    Infinity Park

    It seems like every other whistle-stop on the map needs some claim to fame these days, but we're glad that the hamlet of Glendale chose rugby for its raison d'être when it could just as easily have hyped its strip clubs and sex-toy stores. SuperTarget, move over: State-of-the-art Infinity Park, which boasts an all-grass regulation rugby pitch, is the first… More >>
  • Best Pilates

    Pilates of Cherry Creek

    Pilates of Cherry Creek wins big by keeping it small. Mother and daughter Hope and Jolie Petrine — both of whom came to the world of Pilates through dance — opened their small studio in 2001, offering one-on-one training sessions. As their popularity grew, so did their studio, but the Petrines never lost sight of the personal touch that drew… More >>
  • Best New Sport

    Recreational Tree Climbing

    After "Ponderosa" Harv Teitelbaum saw an arborist on television talking about a new sport he'd just invented — recreational tree climbing — his life was never the same. Recreational tree climbing uses a harness, arborist rope and special techniques to safely climb into trees. Teitelbaum met the arborist and trained under him, and now he's the Evergreen man behind Tree… More >>
  • Best New Ski Lift

    Panoramic Express
    Winter Park Resort

    When Winter Park opened its Parsenn Bowl, it introduced skiers to miles of great new runs and untracked tree skiing ó but also the sort of lines it hadnít seen in decades, since there was only one very slow, two-person chair taking you to the top. But all that ended this year when the resort added the speedy, $8 million… More >>
  • Best New Ski Lift

    Panoramic Express

    When Winter Park opened its Parsenn Bowl, it introduced skiers to miles of great new runs and untracked tree skiing — but also the sort of lines it hadn't seen in decades, since there was only one very slow, two-person chair taking you to the top. But all that ended this year when the resort added the speedy, $8 million… More >>
  • Best Old Ski Lift

    The Ski Train

    Between increasingly heavy traffic and Texans who'll never learn how to maneuver in snow, the drive up I-70 has become a double diamond, the toughest run you might make all day. All aboard the Ski Train! This Denver tradition got its start generations ago, when kids in the Eskimo Ski Club met up at Union Station for the trip by… More >>
  • Best Sports Statistic


    In baseball, they call it "strength up the middle." The term refers to a team whose second baseman/shortstop combo gains a reputation for vacuuming up everything that comes its way. And last season, the Colorado Rockies were strong up the middle and everywhere else, making .98925 percent of their plays given 6,326 total chances. In fact, the Rockies made history… More >>
  • Best New Ski Terrain

    Montezuma Bowl

    Granted, Arapahoe Basin is still teeny tiny compared to its sisters in the Vail Resorts umbrella. But this season marked the largest expansion of its sixty-year existence. With 400 acres and 36 blue, black and double-black runs, the opening of Montezuma Bowl made the ski area 80 percent bigger. Accessed by the new fixed-grip quad Zuma lift, the area is… More >>
  • Best Ski Deal

    Monarch Season Pass

    Season ski passes are only as good as you make them. You have to use them to get your money's worth, and the newest mountain pass is no exception. At first it might seem silly for someone in Denver to consider buying a season pass to Monarch Mountain — nearly 140 miles away — but this is no ordinary pass.… More >>
  • Best Escape From I-70

    Colorado 9 to U.S. 285

    Not that there's ever a good year for driving I-70 to and from the mountains, but this seems to be an exceptionally bad one. Either the traffic is stop-and-go, cars are sliding backward on the ice coating the uphill stretch from Silverthorne to the Eisenhower Tunnel, or the road is shut down completely due to blowing snow. But fear not… More >>
  • Best Locals' Mountain

    Loveland Ski Area

    There are no hotels here. No jewelry stores, no $10 hamburgers. You don't have to pay to park, and you don't see many Texans on the hill. Most of the people who ski and ride "Lovie" do it with pride, a great deal of them professing their affection with bumperstickers. Sure, it's windy and the lifts are slower, but when… More >>
  • Best Mountaineering Without the Bottled Oxygen

    The Bradford Washburn American Mountaineering Museum

    It might have taken a while to get it, but the Bradford Washburn American Mountaineering Museum, which opened in Golden in February, was worth the wait. This is no mere exhibition hall; the cutting-edge, 3,000-square-foot facility, a joint venture of the Colorado Mountain Club, the American Alpine Club and the National Geographic Society, is the Smithsonian of mountaineering and a… More >>
  • Best Early-Riser Resort Special

    Beeline Advantage at Copper Mountain

    If you're already the kind of skier who wakes up before sunrise to beat traffic and be the first in line for the yet-unopened lifts, this deal might be worth a shot. For an extra $20 a day above your lift-ticket price, or in addition to your season pass, you can load the American Eagle lift fifteen minutes earlier than… More >>
  • Best Beach

    Arapahoe Basin

    Who needs sand and water when you've got snow and sunshine? The Beach at A-Basin is simply the place where snow meets parking lot, but it's become a legend in its own right. In years gone by, it was a venue for wild parties as people camped and tailgated overnight to get first tracks in the morning. It's said that… More >>
  • Best Cure for Cabin Fever

    The Island

    There comes a time every winter when you reach the brink of madness. You've had enough of snow sports and snow in general, and you just want to put on shorts and play in the sand. A trip to The Island is what you need. With year-round indoor sand volleyball, it's as close to summer as anything you're going to… More >>
  • Best Skatepark

    Pioneer Park

    Skateboarders weren't expecting much from Commerce City when it announced plans to build a new concrete skatepark. After all, bigger metro-area cities have consistently blown good intentions (and public funds) by relying on non-skateboarding landscape architects who produced designs that functioned better in CAD than in real life. Fortunately, Commerce City went with top-notch skater design/build outfit California Skateparks, and… More >>
  • Best Place to Play Pool

    Pair-o-Dice Poolroom

    When the Skylark Lounge relocated three years ago from much smaller digs nearby, it had a lot of space to fill. So in August 2006, the club cued up its super-deluxe Pair-o-Dice Poolroom with four pool tables and pinball machines. The upstairs hall, which is open Thursdays through Saturdays from 6 p.m. to 2 a.m., fits in perfectly with the… More >>
  • Best Nostalgic Sports Signing

    Peter Forsberg

    In the course of one week, the Rockies re-signed former fan favorite Neifi Perez, the team's shortstop from 1996 to 2001, and the Avalanche brought back Adam Foote and Peter Forsberg. All inspire good memories for sports fans, but the Forsberg deal was clearly the best. Not only is Foppa, who skated for the Avs from 1995 to 2004, the… More >>
  • Best Place to Flip Out

    The Front Porch

    The Front Porch has totally flipped! For starters, the bar hosts Flip Cup tournaments on the first Tuesday of each month. For those who've never played — or for those who've played but were too drunk to remember the specifics — Flip Cup involves two teams of up to five players; the first team to slam their beers and flip… More >>
  • Best New Bowling Alley

    The Falcon

    Bowling is the rock and roll of sports. It's loud, unabashedly rough around the edges and involves embarrassing fashion choices. It seemed like the perfect match, then, when the fading Sport Bowl Lanes & Billiards on South Broadway was snatched up last August by Steve Schalk, owner of the nearby Gothic Theatre. Sure enough, Schalk invested the same care and… More >>
  • Best Old Bowling Alley

    Wheat Ridge Lanes

    Wheat Ridge Lanes caters almost exclusively to league players during the week, but on Friday and Saturday nights, anyone can enjoy open bowling and $6 pitchers of Bud poured from the bar. And not just any bar: This one is called Ye Olde Country Club, and while it is indeed olde, it doesn't look much like a country club. But… More >>
  • Best Resource for Foosball Players

    There's a foosball tournament somewhere in the Denver metro area almost every night. For example, on Mondays you can get your foos on at the Colorado Cue Club in Northglenn; on Tuesdays, it's the Attic in Boulder. The list goes on, and the tournaments are easy to find thanks to and its extensive day-by-day schedule. The website also includes… More >>
  • Best Roshambo Tournament

    Wahoo's Uptown

    Rock-paper-scissors is the ultimate way to end any dispute. If the formula were applied to our issues in Iraq, world peace could be achieved by 2009. Or maybe not. Still, it's fun to play, and this year's Roshambo competition at Wahoo's Uptown had the additional benefit of raising money for the Snowboard Outreach Society, a nonprofit that provides support to… More >>
  • Best Party Bus

    Rocky Mountain Rollergirls

    The Rocky Mountain Rollergirls have come a long way since their 2004 debut. The league is now nationally ranked and has a substantial fan base. Of course, they're awesome on skates, but let's give credit where it's due: These girls have a totally killer party bus. The Roller Derby Party Bus leaves the Skylark Lounge, 140 South Broadway, at 5:30… More >>
  • Best Roller Derby Book

    Roller Derby: The History and All-Girl Revival of the Greatest Sport on Wheels

    Rocky Mountain Rollergirls co-founder Catherine Mabe, aka Jayne Manslaughter, loves roller derby so much that she had to write a book about it. And you can sense her enthusiasm throughout Roller Derby as she traces the sport from its earliest days to its modern revival. Although Mabe has moved on — she now lives in Arizona — you can still… More >>
  • Best Worldwide Resource for Video Games

    Video games are quickly ascending to a place of cultural dominance, joining movies and music in terms of earning power and cultural cachet. One of the biggest and best websites covering this transformation is Denver-based, which includes live coverage of key events, such as the recent Game Developers Conference, and original features on nearly every important thing in gaming.… More >>
  • Best Place to Get in Touch With Your Inner Dork

    Black and Read, Inc.

    Alongside the incredible selection of books and records at Black and Read, nestled next to the science-fiction paperbacks like some fantastic dragon hoard spilling over with powerful artifacts and fabulous jewels, is the most impressive collection of role-playing games and accessories most mortals will ever lay eyes on. The place is a virtual museum of RPG history, from the obvious… More >>
  • Best Temporary Legalized Gambling

    Feast of St. Rocco

    The story goes like this: Rocco was a French pilgrim who traveled around northern Italy during the Middle Ages, risking plague-ridden towns to care for the ill. He eventually became the patron saint of pestilence, and the Potenza Lodge has honored him annually for more than sixty years at the three-day Feast of St. Rocco festival. Modern-day patrons can take… More >>
  • Best Example of the Rockies' Off-the-Field Chutzpah


    A lot of us got carried away when the Rockies temporarily entered the can't-lose zone last fall, including the folks in the team's marketing office, who announced their intention to trademark the term "Rocktober" to commemorate the playoff run. Apparently, they forgot that both Denver dailies had splashed the word across their pages, or that rock radio stations have used… More >>
  • Best Place to Feel Like a Pro

    Center Court at Gates Tennis Center

    Like a lot of sports, tennis is played better with an audience: You don't let your feet get lazy or stick to safe shots when people are watching. You want them to see you ace your serves and charge the net on returns. But unless you're Roger Federer, your matches aren't likely to draw a crowd. The next best thing… More >>
  • Best Rockies Song

    Kaz Matsui
    "It's Tricky"

    Like many other teams, the Colorado Rockies pump a song over the loudspeakers every time a player comes to bat. The tunes are chosen by the ballers themselves, and second baseman Kaz Matsui clearly took home the Most Valuable Song trophy in 2007 for his selection of Run-D.M.C.'s "It's Tricky." Not only is the 1986 old-school jam a great-ridiculous classic,… More >>
  • Best Pro Shop

    Positive Strokes for Women - CLOSED

    Ann Slocomb sees tennis not merely as recreation, but rather as a healthy form of mind-body gestalt, something like life itself. So she opened Positive Strokes for Women, a tennis shop and wellness center that caters to the fairer sex. Here you can not only work on your serve, visit an in-house nutritionist, let an expert customize your racquet or… More >>
  • Best Zoo Baby

    Golden Lion Tamarins

    Keyo the baby zebra was special and the snow leopard was certainly cute, but the two sets of golden lion tamarins were clearly the best Denver Zoo babies, for a couple of reasons. First, they are soooo cute, and the parents, Rosy and Simao, look like fuzzy three-headed monkeys as they move around with their babies on board. Second, the… More >>
  • Best Place to Play With the Big Boys

    Dig This Heavy Equipment Play Arena

    Take a good look around you, gals: Little boys never truly grow up. Sure, they morph and mutate, but in the end, they all still want to play with big trucks. New Zealander Ed Mumm of Steamboat Springs wasn't any different, but he turned his stunted childhood fantasy into a big idea, opening what is probably the nation's (if not… More >>
  • Best Sunday Afternoon Bike Ride Destination

    Heron Pond

    Tucked behind an old water-treatment plant (now Northside Park) and a recycling plant, quiet Heron Pond is the perfect place for solitude and stellar bird watching. Located on the South Platte River Greenway going north from downtown, the park is home to a huge variety of birds, including herons, avocets, kingfishers and red-tail hawks, as well as numerous kinds of… More >>
  • Best After-Work Hike

    Alderfer/Three Sisters Park

    Hikes need not be relegated to weekends and vacations. What better way to de-stress after a long workday than by taking in a sunset on a brisk scenic walk? Alderfer/Three Sisters Park is close enough to get to in forty minutes and far enough to feel like an escape from the city. Part of the Jefferson County Open Space program,… More >>
  • Best Trick-or-Treating

    Seventh Avenue Parkway between University and Colorado

    A good night of trick or treating requires several things: closely-spaced homes that cut down on walking and result in more candy gained; good lighting, but not too good; some large, well-decorated spooky houses; a safe neighborhood; and, most important, wealthy homeowners who give out the good stuff. While there are plenty of areas that combine these elements in Denver,… More >>
  • Best Mile-High Hunt

    Mile High Amazing Race

    The second annual Mile High Amazing Race is scheduled for Saturday, May 17, in downtown Denver, which should give you enough time to gather your team of four and prepare for the adventure. For $55 a person (which, incidentally, counts as a tax-deductible contribution to the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society), teams decipher clues requiring them to race to checkpoints throughout… More >>
  • Best Easter Egg Hunt

    Colorado's Largest Easter Egg Hunt

    Because Copper Mountain hides more than 50,000 Easter eggs throughout the Village and the mountain, other hunts don't stand a chance when it comes to sheer scale. But since there are 50,000 eggs, the kids can't possibly gather all of them...right? That's why Copper holds specialized hunts for different age groups — so the smallest searchers can still have a… More >>
  • Best Special-Needs Ballpark

    Jason Jennings Sports Made Possible Field

    Pitcher Jason Jennings is no longer a member of the Colorado Rockies — he's currently hurling for the Texas Rangers — but he left behind a tremendous gift for baseball fans facing physical challenges. The Jason Jennings Sports Made Possible Field features rubberized surfaces that allow disabled children and adults, including those who get around using wheelchairs, to play baseball… More >>
  • Best Rockies Souvenir

    Rockies Muerto

    The Rockies' startling, exhilarating run to the World Series may have caught the baseball world by surprise, but souvenir-makers took it in stride, cranking out merchandise and memorabilia by the truckload. T-shirts, hoodies, baseballs, flags, pennants, mugs, pins and programs were just the beginning. But the best souvenir was the limited-edition clay Rockies muerto made by Chicano artist Jerry Vigil… More >>
  • Best Rooftop Garden

    U.S. Environmental Protection Agency

    No raggedy pots of geraniums here. The showcase "green roof" on the EPA's new regional headquarters is a tri-level, 20,000-square-foot spread of grasses, perennials and groundcover designed to absorb carbon dioxide, reduce stormwater runoff and battle the heat-island effect of asphalt-encased skyscrapers. We never thought a green toup on a high-rise could look this pretty, but this one's alive.… More >>
  • Best Mini-Vacation

    Colorado Chautauqua Cottages

    Mostly built in the 1920s and '30s, the cottages that dot Boulder's Colorado Chautauqua grounds are a reminder of why Chautauqua was built in the first place. Designed in 1898 as an educational and communal summer respite, it was originally a place where folks could participate in the national Chautauqua movement while living in tents. Eventually, cabins replaced the tents;… More >>
  • Best Name Change

    Elitch Gardens

    Old-time Denverites never quite sidled up to the idea of "Six Flags" Elitch Gardens. While it might not have made a difference to the typical thrill-seeking park-goer, anyone who remembers the real Elitch Gardens that once thrived near the now-redeveloped intersection of 38th Avenue and Tennyson Street must have smiled, at least a little bit, when Six Flags dumped the… More >>
  • Best American Graffiti Remake

    Super Cruise Nights
    South Golden Road

    Hot rod culture lives in Golden! From May until October, every first Saturday of the month, classic-car enthusiasts and John Milner wannabes roll up their sleeves and rev up their old cherry wheels to cruise up and down Golden Road. The action begins at 6 p.m. near an overcrowded Sonic Drive-In parking lot at 17191 South Golden Road; then, around… More >>
  • Best Rockie

    Troy Tulowitzki

    Matt Holliday had better numbers, but there is no denying the hold that shortstop Troy Tulowitzki had on the city last season. From his early, I-don't-play-on-losing-teams clubhouse speech to the chants of Tu-lo! that shook Coors Field long into October, the rookie Rockie left an indelible imprint on the greatest run in franchise history, setting the record for most home… More >>
  • Best Nugget

    Eduardo Najera

    Yeah, we know: The Nuggets would be nowhere without Carmelo Anthony, Allen Iverson and so on. But we also realize that the team would be in a much better playoff position if everyone on the squad exhibited the passion and heart of Eduardo Najera. Although he's not as naturally gifted as many, if not most, of his fellow ballers, Najera… More >>
  • Best Bronco

    Champ Bailey

    During their glory days, the Broncos had plenty of players who were arguably the finest at their position in the NFL. Now they've got just one: Champ Bailey. Because of the Broncs' erratic, all-too-often anemic pass rush last season, the appropriately named Champ didn't rack up the interceptions he'd earned in years past. But he hasn't lost a step, and… More >>