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Best Ambient-Music Showcase Denver 2009 - Textures



1279 Marion St.

Denver, CO 80218


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The Gypsy House, situated on the southeast corner of 13th Avenue and Marion Street, isn't just the place to get some of the best chai in town and relax in a calming bohemian setting. On the second Sunday of every month, it also hosts Textures, a showcase for underground ambient music and sound art from around the country and beyond. Performances take place in the basement, where the furniture and layout make you feel like part of a secret society. Since its debut in May of 2008, Textures has featured performances from the likes of Denver's own Temples as well as better-known artists such as Shelf Life, CloudLanD and Haunted Sound Laboratory. Always hauntingly fascinating.
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Thanks for everyone who supports Denver's amazing underground music scene! Join us for our one year anniversary celebration on MAY 10, 2009 with live ambient performances by local sound gurus,Good Mourning and bios+a+ic with bahiya butoh. And don't miss textures meets transistor, June 14, 2009 featuring an "ambient immersive environment" with 5 acts over a 5 hour period.cheers, bios+a+ic (host & creator of textures)