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Best American Restaurant Denver 2009 - Steuben's



523 E. 17th Ave.

Denver, CO 80203


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Readers' Choice: Steuben's
Shrimp and grits. Buffalo chicken wings and Rhode Island calamari. Memphis ribs, Louisiana etouffee, Maine lobster rolls and Chicago-style hot dogs. Steuben's isn't just an American restaurant, it's an All-American restaurant — a restaurant dedicated to the preservation and glorification of our mutt, immigrant canon; our staples and standards; our occasional flashes of brief genius. And while opinions may differ as to whether Steuben's is making the best version of some regional favorite, opinions always differ on every regional favorite. The fights over the Steuben's recipe for trout amandine, its green-chile cheeseburger or the truck-stop chocolate cake started even before the place opened, and they haven't stopped yet. The probably never will. And they all make for delicious conversation over a meal in this popular, comfortable hangout.
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Steuben's should have won the Best Overpriced/Mediocre lunch in the city award.

I guess this just proves that fair to poor renditions of regional favorites are all well-and-good as long as you're trendy, your seats are uncomfortable, you serve water in old Stolichnaya bottles and you charge a lot.

Screw Steuben's.


The service is very hit-or-miss here. High priced for small portions wouldn't be a big deal if the food was really tremendous. But the quality of their food is lacking. If you like pretentiousness mixed with a rip-off, this is your place.


I don't get it. I never have. Mediocre small portions at inflated prices with amateur service. Walk a block and enjoy a much nice meal at Avenue Grill.