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Best Area to Avoid Lift Lines at Breck Denver 2009 - Peak 10

For wide open, empty blue groomers, Breckenridge's Peak 7 used to be the place to go because it took a little work traversing cat tracks to get there, thus deterring big crowds. That all changed this season with the opening of a new Peak 7 base development — Breck's first since 1971. Peak 7 is now the first stop on the BreckConnect gondola, which means lift lines. But what's bad for Peak 7 has been great for Peak 10. A lot of the skiers who start their day at Peak 7 won't ever make it past Peak 8, let alone to Peak 10. Even on Presidents' Day weekend — one of the busiest resort holidays — the Falcon SuperChair serving some of the best groomed blue-black steeps Breck has to offer was loading skiers into chairs before they had time to loosen their boots or pull out their maps.
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