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Best Bakery Denver 2009 - City Bakery

City Bakery

City Bakery

5454 Washington St. # 10

Denver, CO 80216


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Readers' Choice: Lovely Confections
Want to know who made the great bread you had at that restaurant last night? Odds are good that it was City Bakery, the bakery and dessert-a-teria started last year by freaky bread savant Michael Bortz. Bortz started out in Denver as an independent, then went corporate as a baker for Paradise Bakery when the chain started making some serious moves in town. And then he went indie again, taking most of his wholesale contracts with him. The result is a bakery that supplies the best bread in the city to some of the best restaurants in the city, seven days a week. Baking isn't an easy job, so we're lucky to have Bortz looking out for us. If we had to, we really could live on bread — his bread — alone.
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sue Harris
sue Harris

City Bakery is the foulest bakery around. With a dismal selection, awful pastries, and poor delivery service I'm counting down the days this place closes.