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Best BBQ Denver 2009 - Yazoo Barbecue Company

Yazoo Barbecue Company

Yazoo Barbecue Company

2150 Broadway

Denver, CO 80205


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Readers' Choice: Brothers BBQ
Small place, big flavor. Sometimes we crave Yazoo's amazing pulled pork, at other times its ribs. But once when we stopped in for ribs, the tiny kitchen was out, so indeed we got a BOB — chicken breast wrapped in bacon and jalapeños. then smoked — and almost died from pleasure right on the spot. In fact, the only problem with Yazoo is that it sells out of certain things so quickly that we can't always get what we happen to be craving at that moment. But that's not a very big problem, because there's always another great option. Adding a second outlet down south has helped expand supply, but we remain faithful to the small downtown spot, which just keeps pouring out that big, big flavor.
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Have you ever given a Best of Denver to Wolfe's?

That guy is the man.

His Barbecue is really good too.


I haven't tried Yazoo's -- guess I need to -- but as an Alabama transplant, I *love* Moe's on Broadway. And it's got bowling! How can you go wrong?