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Best Big-Ass Burger With a Side of Rock and Roll Denver 2009 - The Counter - CLOSED

The Counter

The Counter

8401 Park Meadows Center

Littleton, CO 80124


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The Counter is a concept restaurant, a pure product of the 21st century, of the fast-casual boom and West Coast culture. The interior is spare and spartan; the staff wears blue jeans and tattoo-art-inspired shirts. The art on the walls is black and white, with a rock-and-roll theme. And the burgers? They're huge and bloody and sold sushi-bar style, with a slip of paper and a pencil so that you can choose from among a plethora of artful and interesting toppings. And then enjoy a bottle of beer or glass of wine while you wait for the mad-scientist burger of your dreams.
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danny louis
danny louis

best burger i have ever had, i try to go once a week! the shakes are awesome too.