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Best Breakfast Burrito Denver 2009 - Santiago's



571 Santa Fe Drive

Denver, CO 80204


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Readers' Choice: Santiago's
We've eaten a lot of breakfast burritos over the years. We've eaten what some people might consider a truly shocking number of breakfast burritos. And every time we're put on the spot and asked, straight out, for the best breakfast burrito in Denver, our answer is always the same: Santiago's. This homegrown chain offers a wonderful way to start the day: thin burritos, foil-wrapped and packed for eating on the go. A Santiago's chorizo-and-egg breakfast burrito is perhaps the truest expression of why we love living (and eating) in Denver — or, at the very least, it's an excellent reason for getting out the door before 11 a.m., when all nineteen Santiago's outlets stops serving the best breakfast burrito in Denver.
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Best breakfast burritos in Denver are at La Casita, at 36th and Tejon.  You will never want another breakfast burrito but theirs.


santiagos breakfast burritos on sante fe are the worst, the eggs look green and the have the egg shells in the food, and the chili has no taste, either the chille is hot with no taste or has no heat at all and has no taste. THE WORST!!!!!!!!!!


Like you never make a mistake.........Santiago's is top shelf...always has been always will be....