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Best Bridal Shop Denver 2009 - Anna BÉ

Anna BÉ

Anna BÉ

3215 Zuni St.

Denver, CO 80211


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Anna Bé is exactly what you always imagined a wedding-dress shop would look like: a charming boutique with exposed brick walls and four neat rows of simple, elegant designer dresses; one massive pedestal before a three-tiered mirror; and not another bride in sight. Adorable, never-pushy co-owner Anna is only concerned with you. She'll bring you and your friends champagne and stay out of your way while you try on the first few dresses. Then she'll casually hang a dress outside your door and suggest you give it a try. It looked plain on the hanger, but on you, it's absolutely perfect.
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Absolutely love this store. Got my Wedding dress here!