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Best Burger With a Side of Classical Music Denver 2009 - My Brother's Bar

My Brother\'s Bar

My Brother's Bar

2376 15th St.

Denver, CO 80202


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My Brother's Bar has a million things going for it — from a building that's held a bar since the 1880s to the classical music piped through the place to the friendly crowd of regulars to the eclectic menu cooked up out of the tiny chuckwagon kitchen — but the most important thing is the burger. My Brother's not only makes one wicked, huge, messy and (by request) multiply-topped burger, but it serves said champion burger in a unique conveyance: a plastic, burger-specific condiment tray that contains everything a man could need for prepping a burger to his satisfaction. Both the burger and the bar itself are classics.
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Simply Awful. Awful food. Awful service. Overpriced and overrated.

The burgers were puny and poorly cooked, the gimmicky 'fast food'-esque paper wrap was silly and impractical, and the flavor was severely lacking. The chili was touted as home-made, but had obviously only recently been vacated from its' former vaccuum-packed-plastic-bag home.

Stay away. There are a plethora of better burgers in Denver. Try Bud's Bar, Jim's Burger Haven, even Five Guys or SmashBurger before you head here.


A must-miss. Place went downhill soon after all the 80s hype, and has been riding that wave ever since. Go ahead and pay good money for for crummy burgers, with some classical muzak in the background. Ya want good burgers? These days, NO burgers are made "on site", and really good burgers have gone the way of the dinosaurs. You're best off making your own, from quality ingredients you buy yourself.


I can't say I think their burgers are all that good honestly. I've had about a half dozen of them since I worked near there for 3 years but to be honest how long you have to wait during lunch, the price and the quality just don't add up in my book which explains why I hardly went. I do admit that the condiment tray is great though.


The burgers were killer! The best burger I have found in Denver. Fries, service, everything was awesome. Love the setup. We will definitly go back.