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Best Coach — College Denver 2009 - Steve Fairchild Colorado State University Rams Football

Readers' Choice: Dan Hawkins, University of Colorado
Talk about a no-win situation: Steve Fairchild was hired to replace Sonny Lubick, arguably the most beloved coach in Colorado State University history, and the man for whom the university's football field in Fort Collins is named. But while Fairchild is a CSU alum, he's had tremendous experience at the highest levels, having served as an assistant for the Buffalo Bills and St. Louis Rams — and he called on every bit of it this past season. To put it mildly, the cupboard was bare when Fairchild took charge. Against all odds, however, the Rams won just enough games to merit an invite to the New Mexico Bowl, where they beat favored Fresno State. Just imagine what Fairchild will be able to do after a couple more recruiting classes.
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New Mexico State University
New Mexico State University

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