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Best Dinner With the Kids Denver 2009 - Locanda del Borgo

Locanda del Borgo

Locanda del Borgo

5575 E. 3rd Ave.

Denver, CO 80220


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Okay, you're done dating. You've navigated the end game, gotten married, made a family. But you're still a human being! You can't live forever on Happy Meals and quote/unquote family restaurants. Sometimes you just have to take the plunge and take the kids to a place with real chairs and silverware and a menu with no pictures. That's where Locanda del Borgo comes in. For starters, the food is fantastic — a nice, light and modern take on classic Italian cookery with the best spaghetti carbonara in the city and some fine gnocchi, all cooked by a skilled kitchen that really knows how to get the most out of that wood-fired pizza oven and racks of gleaming sauté pans. The room is simple and spare, but comfortable. Service is friendly and informal. And, most important (at least from where you're sitting), the place has a kids' menu and welcomes the little rug-rats with a smile. Junior has to learn how to behave himself in a proper dining room eventually, and there's no better spot to practice than Locanda del Borgo.
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I was very pleased to see the Best Of Westword acknowledgement to Locanda Del Borgo for "Best dinner with teh kids". Like the professionalism that shows in their food, they take care of all customers in the same manner. I do think that while I have seen families with young kids for dinner, I wouldn't put Locanda in the "family restaurant" category. Sure they are service minded and friendly it isn't a place for kids to run wild like you see in "family restaurants". The youngsters I have noticed while I've been dining are well behaved and probably used to being in restaurants as this restaurant is in the affluent Crestmoor area and has a great mix of younger adults, professionals, families and older cliental that enjoys fine Italian food. In my opinion this is the very best Italian restaurant in Denver PERIOD! Using your categories Locanda is more suited to "Best High End Neighborhood Italian" even though the prices are very reasonable nad it is much more than the typical Italian American red sauce pizza and spaghetti joint!! With or without the kids don't miss dinner at this great restaurant.