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Best Dive Denver 2009 - Nob Hill Inn

Nob Hill Inn

Nob Hill Inn

420 E. Colfax Ave.

Denver, CO 80203


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The Nob Hill Inn recently celebrated its fiftieth birthday. It's daunting to think of all the people who have spent hours on the stools there, killing time and waiting for the day to the end. But it's the kind of joint where it's easy to lose track of time. The square-shaped bar makes for easy people-watching, and with some of Colfax's finest camping out there, it's usually entertaining as hell. If Bukowski were still alive, this might be his idea of nirvana.
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I been going to this bar for over 40 tears,  Used to live a block up  so was easy access.  Gone for several years and came back in 1987 and back to same place.  Though I don't drink that often, when I do...usually Nob Hill is the place for few drinks (or so).   I enjoy the place, met lots of nice friendly people many of which have passed away,  sorry to say.  Good memories.


Yep it is easy to loose track of time in the Nob. As Jamie and I call it it's "Nob Warp"