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Best Free Service Denver 2009 - BusinessDecision

Readers' Choice: Red Rocks Fitness
If you?re trying to start a business and need to know how much women spend on shoes within a ten-block radius of your house, or if you?re just nosy, this is the database for you. BusinessDecision crunches vast arrays of census data and presents a range of demographic and economic profiles tailored to the research needs of small businesses ? everything from standard reports on household income and ethnicity to more complex portraits of communities? spending and lifestyle habits. Want to know how many ?industrious urban fringe? types populate a certain zip code as opposed to ?Main Street USA? middle-of-the-roaders or ?laptop and lattes? trendsetters? Just grab your library card and head for the ?research resources? section of the DPL?s website. There?s a charge for using some of the service?s elite features, but reference personnel should be able to guide you through the impressive free offerings.
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