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Best History Festival Denver 2009 - Celebrate 1908

Back in 1908, the Democrats trucked in piles of snow to amuse delegates to the Democratic National Convention. A century later, the best entertainment inspired by the 2008 Democratic National Convention may leave a more permanent legacy. Celebrate 1908 was a two-day, multimedia festival of political and historical flashbacks that brought the issues and arguments of 1908 back to the Tivoli Turnhalle on the Auraria campus in late July. Technically a benefit for Auraria Casa Mayan Heritage, an organization that commemorates the Latino community that centered on the Casa Mayan restaurant, Celebrate 1908 was a true celebration of the people who've contributed to the melting pot of Denver over the past century.
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Terry Burnsed
Terry Burnsed

As a participant in the 1908 recreation event at the Tivoli this Summer, I would like to thank the students, citizens, history buffs, and faculty of CU Denver who made it all possible. As a participant in the protests aimed at the DNC and in Countdown to Zero's production of Brecht the following month, I would like to thank those citizens and artists, too, for reminding us that history is still being made. Most of all, I would like to thank Laura Cuetara: Over the long haul, she's the barvest theatre artist our community can boast.Terry Burnsed Ph.D.UCDHSC & MSCD Theatre Faculty