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Best Homegrown Mexican Chain Denver 2009 - Tacos y Salsas

Tacos y Salsas

Tacos y Salsas

910 S. Federal Blvd.

Denver, CO 80219


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Tacos y Salsas is a tough place to miss. It's as bright and shiny and carnival-colored as the street outside is gray and grim and run down by long, rough use. It almost seems like a spot where clowns should go to buy their floppy shoes and hand buzzers, all red and yellow and orange. But this homegrown chain is serious about its food. The Federal outpost, in particular, always seems full of cooks from other restaurants. Cooks and families of cooks and other families and neighbors and construction workers. And dedicated gastronauts, too, who're digging into tacos and enchiladas filled with exotic grilled meats and weird, mushy rellenos that they've doctored up with salsas and toppings from the bar. In a town full of Mexican restaurants, there's always room for another Tacos y Salsas.
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This place is awful. Our food had stringy meat with lots of mystery fatty stuff. Totally gross. And watch out for the "community" dipping area! While observing customers sticking their nose-pickin' fingers into the condiments and sauces, we noticed the help came along to clean up the drips, and did a refill--then dumped the old contaminated sauce in with the refill. Not good.


This place had the worst tacos I ever had. Dry, over done, just plain gross. They served my wife the WORST and I mean worst carne asada I have ever had. I usually don't leave comments but this place was awful. I just had returned from Mexico and really wanted some pastor tacos, these did not fit the bill.