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Best Jazz Jam Denver 2009 - Tuesday session with Dan Schwindt

Tuesday session with Dan Schwindt

Tuesday session with Dan Schwindt

930 Lincoln St.

Denver, CO 80203


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Dan Schwindt definitely knows a few things about jazz guitar and improvisation, and he's performed with a ton of the region's heavier players. He's also carved out Tuesdays from his schedule for the past few years to head up the jazz jams in Dazzle's Dizzy room. One of the best ways to learn is through playing with other cats, and these jams give younger students a chance to hone their chops in a live setting and to learn the language of jazz. Schwindt offers a low-pressure, casual atmosphere, and instrumentalists and vocalists alike find the sessions quite comfortable.
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As the article says, Schwindt is very easy going, RIDICULOUSLY GOOD, and fun to play with. The other members of the house trio, however, are less "low-pressure", and easy-going. They seem to be amongst the jazz elitists, who will frown upon your every clam and not be so happy if you call a tune that isn't "hip" to them. I guess it keeps the quality of musicianship at this jam rather high, but it can be intimidating and hard to break into their circle of "we are the shit" mentality.