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Best Local Film Festival Denver 2009 - The Shoot Out 24 Hour Filmmaking Festival

Readers' Choice: Starz Denver Film Festival
Who says making movies is a long process? Participants in the Shoot Out in Boulder have a single day to assemble a masterpiece (or a facsimile thereof), and most of them manage to do so. Not all, though: Last year, 53 teams began the competition, but seven of them vanished along the way. Even so, the contest is a great way to get young people interested in making movies, as opposed to simply watching them — and in 2008, members of nineteen teams were under eighteen. The future of film is in good hands.
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Michael Conti
Michael Conti

Thanks for the local honor! The 6th annual The Shoot Out Boulder 24 Hour Filmmaking Festival will kick off on September 25th at 5:55 PM in front of the Boulder County Court House. Hope to see you there!