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Best Low-End Steakhouse Denver 2009 - Bastien's



3503 E. Colfax

Denver, CO 80206


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Readers' Choice: Outback Steakhouse
Bastien's isn't retro. The rest of the world might be leaning in that direction, looking for cool, but Bastien's is something else entirely: It's classic. Looking for the cocktail culture of the '50s? Bastien's has it. Early-'70s swinger swank? It has that, too. Bastien's doesn't change with the times; the times change around it. Like they say, even a broken clock is right twice a day, and while the batteries on Bastien's Timex ran down a long time ago, this is still a great place to go for sugar steaks, sidecars, fried cheesecakes, steely martinis and a taste of Denver's culinary past.
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I used to be a regular at Bastien's more for the fried shrimp than the steaks but I've concluded that there are other places that offer better value. Prices, which have never been what I would call cheap, have continued to go up and drinks are stingy and service can be indifferent.