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Best Mexican in a Former Chinese Restaurant Denver 2009 - El Viva Villa - CLOSED

El Viva Villa

2295 S. Chambers Road

Aurora, CO 80014


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The first time we ate at El Viva Villa, we immediately wanted to eat here again. The second time we ate here (roughly six hours after the first time), we knew that it was going to go into heavy rotation on our dining schedule. While there's nothing unique about the space (other than the fact that it used to be a good dim sum restaurant), El Viva Villa serves a spread of amazing Mexican food from early in the morning until late in the evening. Our favorite is the burritos — all deeply flavorful (the al pastor in particular), charry-sweet, just the right size and significantly cheaper than a burrito at the Chipotle across the street.
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We frequently call ahead and order their delicious breakfast burritos to go and are never disappointed! They are very filling and flavorful! We have also visited for dinner and are never disappointed! Great food at great prices!