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Best Over-the-Counter Healer Denver 2009 - Bonnie's Balms of Wheat Ridge

Made in a small kitchen in Wheat Ridge, Bonnie's line of natural salves and ointments are good for the aches and pains of an active life. They take the sting out of climbers' skinned knees and split thumbs, soothe sunburns and sore muscles and help repair cracked lips and feet. Tree resins, shea butter, arnica, comfrey root and Colorado sunflower oil are among the secret ingredients that go into Bonnie's expanding product line, which includes a climbers' salve, lip butter and the essential Pain Eraser. Distribution is a bit erratic — at present, the products can be found in spots ranging from a couple of Army surplus stores to the Colorado Mountain Club gift shop to an Ace Hardware store in Edgewater — but look for the Bonnie's brand to become as common as Burt's Bees as the word gets out about these locally produced healing marvels.
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Bonnie Squire
Bonnie Squire

Thank you for the honor of being "The Best Over-the-Counter Healer for 2009". It sure feels good having my healing products recognized by your paper! I've been tap dancing around here ever since I found out!

Thanks again,Bonnie SquireBonnie's Balms720-258-1106