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Best Sandwiches Denver 2009 - Masterpiece Delicatessen

Masterpiece Delicatessen

Masterpiece Delicatessen

1575 Central St.

Denver, CO 80211


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At Masterpiece Delicatessen, partners Justin Brunson and Steve Allee do some pretty amazing things with a little bread, a little meat, a little this-and-that. Their simplest creations — egg sandwiches, grilled cheese, turkey with pears and cranberry honey — show their command of the artistry of restraint (just enough, never too much), while their more complicated plates demonstrate a high-end, Super Frog cookery gone feral in the service of a soup-and-sandwich board. Their kung fu is strong, no doubt. And here in Denver, we're lucky to have them.
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Ace Ranchero
Ace Ranchero

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