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Best Saturday-Night Mexican Denver 2009 - SeÑor Burrito

SeÑor Burrito

SeÑor Burrito

12 E. 1st Ave.

Denver, CO 80203


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So you're planning on getting out there and tearing it up on Saturday night? Well, cowboy, you might want to put a little something in your stomach before you start sucking down the shots — and Señor Burrito is just the place to do it. Or maybe you're thinking about catching a movie at the Mayan. Why not grab a snack at Señor Burrito before the show? What? The boss called you in to work on Saturday and you're just getting off at eight? Time for Señor Burrito, pal. We can't think of a single circumstance when a burrito or pork chop plate at Señor Burrito won't make things better.
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I'm not sure Dave has the right place. There is no way a burrito and chile relleno costs $15 at Senor Burrito. Maybe a deluxe burrito (smothered, all the fixins) and a chile relleno PLATE could come close to that. But there are few people that would say that $15 for dinner for two is pricey. We always are able to have a filling meal for two with sopapillas for dessert for less than $20.


I like this place ok. It's sparkling clean, service is speedy (if not always super friendly), and the food is straightforward. For a little hole in the wall it is not cheap though. A burrito and a chile relleno (smallish) will set you back close to $15.