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Best Seafood Restaurant Denver 2009 - Oceanaire



1400 Arapahoe St.

Denver, CO 80202


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Readers' Choice: Jax
What does it take to run a great seafood restaurant a mile above sea level and a thousand miles from the nearest ocean? The kind of system that hums behind the scenes at Oceanaire — a business structure that brings in fresh fish daily, six days a week, following supply lines that run back and forth across the globe, all terminating in a kitchen that actually knows what to do with a glut of great product. Under the command of chef Matt Mine, Oceanaire serves up the best sea critters you'll find this far from the ocean. And the kitchen also hands down some nice non-piscine thrills as well, banging out bacon steaks, salads and more for those who (for whatever reason...) decide to go to the best fish restaurant in the city for meat-and-potatoes fare.
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Boy, I could not disagree more. Some friends took me for my birthday and it was a disaster. Waited for a table despite a reservation, waiter didn't have a clue, sent the overcooked fish back twice. At $30 for a piece of fish on a plate, it is seriously overpriced.