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Best Shop at DIA Denver 2009 - New Belgium Hub

New Belgium Hub

New Belgium Hub

500 Linden St.

Fort Collins, CO 80524


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Readers' Choice: McDonald's
Walk into the Greetings From Colorado shop on Concourse A, and you might walk out with a T-shirt manufactured in Haiti — boasting the wrong date for the founding of Denver. Wander over to Denver's Picture Show Popcorn, and you'll find neither a Denver-based movie (a rare commodity, admittedly) nor Colorado corn. For a true taste of this state before you leave it, your best bet is the New Belgium Hub on Concourse B, at the bridge to the regional jet facility. Here you can not only enjoy many of the delicious beers brewed by the Fort Collins-based brewery, including Fat Tire, but you can order up a full meal with a distinct Colorado flavor — and even pick up food to go. Now, if we could just convince DIA to set up concourse carts that sell growlers of the beer that made this state famous; what better souvenirs could travelers take back to their brewpub-poor states? And remember, since you've already cleared security by the time you reach the concourses, there's no liquid ban to dry up this surefire marketing scheme.
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Wendy M
Wendy M

Ended up at the Denver airport on a round-about way to San Antonio. We went to the New Belgium Hub. That was some of the best beer I've ever had. Food was pretty good, too.I'd love to go back and visit again. Maybe this actually getting to see the city and not just the airport.