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Best Ski Deal Denver 2009 - Echo Mountain - CLOSED

Echo Mountain

19285 103

Idaho Springs, CO 80452

Map & Details>>

Readers' Choice: Colorado Pass
Since this winter's unseasonably warm weather never gave Denver's free Ruby Hill Rail Yard a chance to open, the next best thing to free is Echo Mountain. Even if you missed out on the pre-season sale of $129 season passes, a lift ticket at Echo still won't put you back too much: It's $43 — or $29 if you just want to catch a few late afternoon and evening runs. That's less than half what the Summit County resorts charge, and you'll save a lot on gas and traffic time, too, since Echo is only 35 miles outside of Denver. Yes, it does cater to a core audience of sick riders, but it's also got some excellent groomers — now accessed by a new magic carpet — for kids and transplants to learn on, terrain made even more attractive by the fact that beginner-only lift tickets sell for just $19
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Hussein Hussein
Hussein Hussein

Echo is not only an affordable place to ride, but its probably the most fun place to ride as well. No lift lines, don't pay to park, no traffic, no bad attitudes. Plus I go up after work on a weekday and can still get in some turns. Definitely the place for Denver locals, not infested by tourists like all the other resorts.

Fred Mulch
Fred Mulch

Echo really is a great deal!

When they have plenty of snow there's nothing but great features, smooth runs and Happy and helpful staff. Echo is a fun place to be with on hill music, spectacular views and great CHEAP skiing.


echo stinks. even if it was free, it would not be the best value. for $5 more you can ski Loveland which is like 100X bigger. Do they even have any snow?