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Best Smoking Area — Inside Denver 2009 - The Grizzly Rose

The Grizzly Rose

The Grizzly Rose

5450 N. Valley Highway

Denver, CO 80216


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Of course we know where the smoke-easies are, but we'll never tell. Not here. Not ever. Nobody likes a narc. We can reveal, however, that if you're a smoker and looking to get your country-music jam or line-dance on, you need look no further than the Tobacco Shop at the Grizzly Rose. A well-ventilated, closed-door room off the eastern alleyway, the Shop sells smokes and chew, boasts recliners and frequently emptied ashtrays, and is a helluva lot better than quickly ripping butts in the parking lot, where you're guaranteed to miss all the action. As long as you tip the employee for putting up with your filth and close the goddamn door behind you, there won't be any problems.
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I beg to differ....the 92nd Ave. Tavern allows smoking indoors as if the smoking ban never happened and it's perfectly legal. The city fathers don't like it but it is what it is. They comply. The staff is friendly but don't push your luck. They're all seasoned veterans that will cut you off as fast as you can say, 'Ossifer, I aint had a think....uh...drink...all night.'An all female staff that is easy on the eyes and the owners and a larger group of regulars are always on hand to keep the peace.They have a kick-ass crowd on Sunday nights for karoke and if you're lucky and pay attention to upcoming live acts, you might see the likes of talented local bands like Straw House and the Chris Summers Project.Smoke at will if thy might.