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Best Sports Announcer Denver 2009 - Mike Haynes Colorado Avalanche

Readers' Choice: Dave Logan
The casual hockey watcher knows Haynes best for his epic freakouts following game-winning Avalanche goals — happy events that have been in short supply this season. But despite his reputation, he's far from a one-trick screamer. His knowledge of the game is as wide as it is deep, and he's got an impeccable sense of pace and dynamics. He understands when to speed up, when to slow down, when to shift into overdrive, and when to put it in park, and this aptitude continues to serve him well as the team he's paid to watch plays out the string. The Avs have struggled through their worst season, but Haynes has quietly had his finest.
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Jane Freel
Jane Freel

Michael makes the games especially this year- he keeps you involved and excited with his great attitude whether they win or lose-- he is infectious with his charismatic voice and love of the game which comes thru with every call- I am very glad that you recognized his talent this year- he is a very valuable asset to the Avalanche -- he is a good son of Denver as well. Michael keep up the great work we cannot wait until next year- draft looks good and hope Joe gets healed to play again!......