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Best Steak Frites Denver 2009 - Brasserie Felix - CLOSED

Brasserie Felix

Brasserie Felix

3901 Tennyson St.

Denver, CO 80212


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There's not much in this world that's as comforting as a perfectly done plate of steak frites. And in this town, there's no better plate of steak frites than the one coming from Brasserie Felix's kitchen. Good thing, too, because if a restaurant calling itself a brasserie can't knock this classic of comfort-French gastronomy out of the park, it had better just lock its doors. Instead, you'll want to hurry through those doors for an order, which includes a beautifully done eight-ounce flatiron with a silky béarnaise that mixes wonderfully with the steak juice, as well as a pile of nice frites, blanched and fried. Though it's nothing more than a piece of beef, a dab of sauce and some fried potatoes, this steak frites is much greater than the sum of its parts.
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Whoever ate here and made that review is either without tastebuds or incredibly high!! My steak was smothered in what the restaurant called bernaise suace. It tasted like a fifth grader made it with a recipe for lemon play-doh by mistake. You could not taste the steak through the lemon mush! The fries were fine, though more worthy of Mcdonalds than a real french brasserie! Unfortunately we went there because of this review, but we seemed to be the last people in denver who realized how bad this place was, as no one else was in there at 8pm on a saturday night. I will spare you the cruxification of the rest of the apps, salads, and entrees we had, suffice it to say everything here was mediocre to disgusting and it is best to spend your money elsewhere. On a positive note, they did realize their food was not good and comped us our entrees, but as they remained uneaten, due to disgustingness it seemed reasonable. DO NOT GO HERE!