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Best Strip-Mall Italian Restaurant Denver 2009 - Cafe Jordano

Cafe Jordano

Cafe Jordano

11068 W. Jewell Ave.

Lakewood, CO 80232


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Maybe you've heard stories about the little Italian place in Lakewood that won't take reservations because if it did, there'd never be an open table for the neighbors, a place where regulars arrive a half-hour before the start of dinner, jockeying for position and counting heads to make sure they'll get a seat. Welcome to Cafe Jordano. The fare here is classic Italian strip mall done phenomenally well, and the crowds proof that one needs nothing more than talent and pride in good work to make a restaurant successful. Well, talent, pride and a single dish (the pollo alla Roberts) that has become legendary over the years as the single, best-tasting thing on any menu in Colorado.
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Pat B
Pat B

This has been our favorite restaurant for 15 years. The food is always fresh and perfectly prepared, they have specials that you can't get anywhere else for the price. You are personally greeted by the owner and her long-time staff so even though wait can be long we always stay.

Jon S
Jon S

This is the best Italian restaurant in Denver and also the best Italian for the money. They've improved their wine selection significantly (think 90+ rated wines you'd get at Costo for less than $15/bottle). It is a horrible location and it amazes me that every single table is full every day of the week, every hour the restaurant is open. You may have to wait 45 minutes but it is definitely worth it.