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Best Sushi Restaurant Denver 2009 - Sushi Sasa

Sushi Sasa

Sushi Sasa

2401 15th St.

Denver, CO 80202


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Readers' Choice: Sushi Den
At Sushi Sasa, the attention to detail makes all the difference. There's no need here for plastic grass garnishes, lumps of fake wasabi, bias-cut plating or two dozen stupidly named rolls that are all tuna, avocado, cucumber and tobiko. At Sushi Sasa, even the simplest tekka maki is a work of art, lavished with the kind of attention that other places don't even give to expensive rolls. Everything about the space is clean and white and spare, and everything about the kitchen is geared toward maximizing the impact of the fish itself — the tiny moves that could elevate a simple piece of skipjack, shrimp or bonito into something you might remember for the rest of your life.
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Truly disappointing. Having tried numerous sushi spots in Denver, Sushi Sasa was on our list to try. We had heard mixed reviews but of course wanted to give them the benefit of the doubt and try them out for ourselves. To start with, even having made a reservation, we arrived about 10 minutes before our reserved time. There were multiple two tops and four tops open but we were asked if we wanted to sit at the sushi bar because no tables were available. We declined. On a side note, friends of ours that had made reservations for Valentines Day were called TWICE to ask if they wanted to move from their table to the sushi bar. I can only assume that the mgmt is trying to maximize their table space. I would think saying no once would be more than enough...Regardless, we were directed to the stall that they call a bar in the basement. We were told we could order a bottle of wine there which we did. Just as the glasses were poured we were told our table was ready. We were then told that they couldn't transfer our tab to the table. Good grief. The hostess offers to take our wine to the table for us so we cash out at the bar. When we turn around, the hostess is gone so we schlep our own bottle back upstairs to one of the exact tables we had seen open when we arrived. Ok, we agree to put all of that confusion behind us and try to enjoy our dinner. We order a calamari app. It arrives and is chewy and substandard but sometimes you win sometimes you lose. I chalked it up to ordering the wrong item. We then select one roll and a variety of nigiri. It arrives dried out and tastes awful. The rice has too much vinegar which throws off the flavor of all the sushi. The only soy sauce available is incredibly salty which only confuses the flavors. Light soy was not even an option. So we work through a below average meal which I know can happen from time to time and I chalk it up to experience. We were disappointed when we left but the real zinger came when both myslef and my partner spend the next three days sick to our stomachs and all the joy that brings. I always hesitate to throw the 'food poisoning' card but something just wasn't right with the meal and for that matter the entire experience. Sorry Sushi Sasa but I can't even give you one star for the effort. I'll stick with Sushi Hai, Izakaya Den, Sushi Den and even the sushi plate at Tokyo Joes. They all offer far superior fare.