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Best TV Anchor — Male Denver 2009 - Adam Schrager

Readers' Choice: Ron Zappolo
To put it mildly, Adam Schrager, who spends most of his on-air time reporting about politics for Channel 9, doesn't look like a typical TV host: He's got a hangdog face and often doesn't seem to have a total mastery of combs. But on Your Show, his public-affairs program on 9News's sister station, Channel 20, his plain-spoken, anti-slickster presentation only enhances his credibility. He's an accessible everyman, not to mention the perfect antidote for too much happy talk.
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Don Knox
Don Knox

Adam Schrager's an exceptionally hard-working reporter and does a great job with "Your Show," which should run on Sunday mornings on 9News *and* on My20 -- and not just My20. But ... as a member of a five-person capitol press committee, Adam's helping to keep out new media ventures, including The Colorado Independent, Face The State (another Best Of Denver winner this year), State Bill Colorado (my legislative news venture) and, presumably, Rocky replacement InDenver Times, if and when it gets rolling. Web-only media is here to stay, guys, and it's time for the Capitol's ink-stained press corps to accept that reality. Even Aspen eventually let snowboarders on the slopes. Why not extend a hand instead of making us wait a decade?