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Best TV Investigative Report Denver 2009 - Channel 7, 33 Minutes to 3-4 Right

Investigative reporting requires both a lot of money and time, which is why so many stations are cutting back on it these days. But Channel 7 spared no expense with 33 Minutes to 3-4 Right, a half-hour special built around Denver Health's shockingly slow response to the December 2008 crash of Continental Flight 1404; the first ambulance took more than half an hour to arrive. Correspondent Tony Kovaleski and producers Arthur Kane and Tom Burke were given a big canvas, and they filled it ably, proving that local TV can still make a difference even in fiscally challenging times.
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denise carmony
denise carmony

what would you guys say if I had a story about Child Protective Service`s in vancouver? The social worker for my 18 month old grand-daughter falsified court documents to keep her in foster care. also the public pretender for my daughter held back the truth in court so cps could have their way. I have proof of all this and want to file a law suit but my daughter is scared they will falsify information to adopt my grand-daughter out. hope to hear from you soon!! we need help!!

Suzanne Kitchen
Suzanne Kitchen

On April 6, 2010, an Action Appliance technician came to work on our refrigerator. I then went into my home office to work on a contract. After 5 minutes, I checked on the refrigerator repair. Apparently, within minutes of opening the freezer panel, the fan started working. He said he did no work, so I only owed for the trip/diagnostic charges: $54.00. I asked him if he could look at my stove because two of the burners were not working. He said the knob was broken and that he could replace it for $224.00. I agreed, and he asked me for the location of the electrical box. Suddenly the power was cut causing my computer to shut down. Walking through the house, I saw that power was cut to other rooms also, because the DVD players and clocks were blinking.

When I told the technician the power was off in certain areas, he said, “I’m not an electrician and I don’t know which switch is for the stove.” I did not understand this because the breaker box is clearly labeled with the names and corresponding locations, and the stove is a 240V 50amp switch. Rather than reading the schematic, he just started flipping switches. The labels are numbered 1-28, reading top to bottom, but he read them left to right. This is obvious because the office power is in position 15, which he clearly mistook for the stove’s position of 2.

I powered up the computer, and it emitted an odor. I told him what was happening, and he said, “I feel really badly, but I’m not an electrician so I can’t be blamed.” I called the Action Appliance office at 303/366-1950. The man I spoke with told me none of the technicians are licensed so they can’t be blamed. I explained that even if they aren’t licensed, the technician saw me working on the computer and could have forewarned me so I could have safely turned it off. I asked the man on the phone for his name, and he refused to provide it.

I then heard the technician end a call, and he announced to me that he had broken the newly installed knob and had to go to Westminster. He then said, “I have to go outside and check something, I’ll be back in a minute.” When he returned, he had a camera and demanded to take a photo of the breaker box. I asked him why and he said, “Well, you’re saying it’s our fault that the computer is broken.” I asked that Action Appliance work with me on the damages and he answered, “Look, I’m not going to charge you for today.” He refused to give me a receipt, and packed up his equipment. I was confused because he had told me minutes before that he’d broken the stove knob, yet was going to leave. He also said, “I was mistaken about the knob. I just wasn’t thinking straight.” After he left, I looked at the knob and saw that it stood much higher and lacked a rubber seal around the interior base, which is present on the other 3 factory-installed knobs. So, there is potential of a dangerous issue with my stove now having a broken part installed.

I took the CPU into Geek Squad. The technician, Steven, said, “The breaker being shut down like that probably fried the capacitors and that’s what you’re smelling.” He opened the unit, examined it and confirmed his suspicions. I asked him if he could repair the capacitors. He said he’d have to replace the motherboard as well as the capacitors, and that it would not be cost-effective, running about $3000.00. My costs:

Data Back-Up onto External Hard Drive: $155.61Loss of existing customized Dell Dimension 950 $2400.00HP Desktop A4327C $599.99Renewal of Costco Membership $100.00 (I had planned on not renewing my membership but was forced to because Costco had the best computer price)I expect Action Appliance to reimburse me for the new computer, the backup and possible loss of my data. I do not consider the waiver of a $224.00 charge for an incomplete and unsafe repair to compensate for my losses.

Greg Sparrow
Greg Sparrow

Seriously! come on Jared you and Tony doing whatever it is you do is NOT investigative reporting. It is sickening to eve refer to is a journalism. Nor you or Tony has investigated a thing. You have listed to disgruntled employees, who have axes to grind and you don't have a clue