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Best Adult Spelling Bees Denver 2010 - Metro Denver Promotion of Letters

As bee champs get older, do they keep their fine sense of spell? Find out for yourself at the monthly adult spelling bees hosted as fundraisers by Metro Denver Promotion of Letters, a non-profit teaching organization that provides free writing workshops for kids. Staged every third Thursday at the British Bulldog, 2052 Stout street,these beer-friendly bees are strictly for grownups, and each first-prize winner pockets a Bulldog gift certificate. Stop by and sit for a spell; it costs only five bucks to join in.

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Deborah Rich
Deborah Rich

Is it irascible or irrascible? vicisisitude or vicissitude? The MDPL Spelling Bee for Adults is great fun for word phreaks and former spelling champs. And everyone in between! All proceeds (procceeds?) go toward establishing a writing center for young writers.