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Best Burger Denver 2010 - Colt & Gray

Colt & Gray

Colt & Gray

1553 Platte St.

Denver, CO 80202


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Readers' Choice: Cherry Cricket

Last year, when owner/chef Nelson Perkins revealed plans to open Colt & Gray, he swore up and down that, if nothing else, his kitchen would put forth Denver's best burger. In a city that lives and dies by its beef, those were fighting words. And when that city is suddenly enjoying a windfall of burger joints — with more in the pipeline — that kind of declaration holds as much water as a leaky thimble. But you know what? Perkins was the wrong guy to doubt, because his burger — a stocky, juice-drooling hand-formed patty of loosely packed, house-ground dry-aged chuck, paved, if you want, with a swatch of really good Gruyère and shoved between the lightly grilled cheeks of a brioche bun — is indeed the best burger in town.

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You're a gotdammed lie!!! How dare you disparage the good name of Duffy's Cherry Cricket with this bland rinkydink off-the-shelf doppleganger of a burger. I went today and was looked like some kind of foreign vegan immigrant when posing a simple request for Bacon and Mushrooms on this bourgeoisie poor excuse for a hamburger. Shame on you!!! Screw you and the bloody British punk ass pony you rode in on. Cherry Cricket 4 LIFE!!!!!


this must have been a poll before the larkburger restaurant was put in to play,... C & G is great. lark is a must. take care,