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Best Chinese Restaurant Denver 2010 - China Jade

China Jade

China Jade

12203 E. Iliff Ave.

Aurora, CO 80014


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Readers' Choice: Imperial Chinese

With all due respect to the rest of the Chinese restaurants in town, China Jade whups your sorry wooden chopsticks. This joint is that glorious rarity whose food makes you moan and groan and sigh and hoot and holler, sometimes all at once. It's the type of place that stops you dead in your stilettos, if only to remind you that you're only as good as your next Chinese meal — which, in this case, will be something from the laminated "secret" Chinese menu. The other menu is inked on yellow paper, and unless you're completely gutless, ignore it. Focus solely on the Chinese menu and take the advice of the servers who will likely steer you toward the cuminum cyminum beef or maybe the twice-cooked pork. Ultimately, it won't matter what you order, because whatever ends up under your nose will be so disarmingly delicious that you'll choke up with gratitude.

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I have to disagree with Ryan and agree with the Westword. I went here after my Chinese Politics professor at DU recommended it to me and have been back at least six times. Every dish ive ordered has been fantastic, and its the most authentic chinese food Ive eaten since I lived in Beijing. Give it another shot, try the spicy eggplant with garlic sauce, and admit you are wrong.


Are you crazy Westword!!!! I have been looking for a great Chinese restaurant for quite some time. I thought I found it reading "Best of Westword". WRONG!!!!!! No flavor, No Flavor, NO FLAVOR!!!! NOT WORTH THE PRICE AND NOT WORTH THE SMALL DRIVE!!! I will never try this place again!!!!!!!