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Best Denver Anthem Denver 2010 - "O, Queen City," Houses

The warmest love letter to Denver put to tape this year is also its truest. "O, Queen City" begins with a pair of guitars in no particular rush and feels more and more like the perfect day in the Mile High City with every passing bar. The song is about stopping by Denver on the way to a beach destination and getting too drunk on the sun, the people and, of course, the booze to keep driving. It's about settling for Denver and coming to realize that you wouldn't have it any other way.

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Tony Shawcross
Tony Shawcross

I was hoping this article/snippet would have a link to hear the damn song... No such luck. But, alas, it is posted on their MySpace page (the only thing MySpace is still good for), so those of you hungering to hear it (I was, and felt it well-worth the accolade) can take a listen here: not that anyone asked, but my runner-up for best Denver Anthem is Laura Goldhamer's "Born There". Her wonderul hand-animated video for the song can be seen at