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Best Devil Food Denver 2010 - Lechuga's Italian Restaurant & Lounge

Lechuga\'s Italian Restaurant & Lounge

Lechuga's Italian Restaurant & Lounge

3609 Tejon St.

Denver, CO 80203


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Lechuga's is one of the great pasta-and-pizza joint holdouts that testify to northwest Denver's great Italian tradition. The generous calzones are nothing to sneeze at, but what sends patron's tastebuds spinning is the infamous Little Devil: spicy sausage, wrapped in spicy jalapeño, locked down in a chewy, fresh-baked roll. Dip it (or just smother it) in sweet marinara sauce and enjoy. Then have another. And another. Perfect for lunch, dinner, a sizable snack — or whenever you need that special reward for having been entirely too angelic — the Little Devil proves it's better to dine in hell than diet in heaven.

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Michael Grano
Michael Grano

The devils have been one of Denver's hidden assets for generations (I've been eating them for at least 35 years). Don't forget the homemade linguini with red sauce or the tamales across the street...


The devils have been one of Denver's hidden assets since this place was Carbone's. Always good when you need a pick-me-up. Don't forget the handmade linguini with red sauce, and the tamales across the street.