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Best Dog Park Denver 2010 - Chatfield State Park Dog Training Area

Chatfield State Park Dog Training Area

Chatfield State Park Dog Training Area

11500 N. Roxborough Park Road

Littleton, CO 80125


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Chatfield's off-leash area was originally intended for people who wanted to train hunting dogs in an outdoor environment. In fact, last year there was some question as to whether the dog-training space would remain open at all: Hunters and horseback riders had complained that the number of off-leash dogs was interfering with their use of the park. But right now there are no plans to close the dog-training area to any of its users, which means that you and your pooch can still enjoy acres and acres of open space, wooded coves, two lakes more than big enough to swim in and a creek running through the entire park. There are paved pathways as well as dirt trails weaving in and around the area, restrooms, bag stations for cleanup (you might want to bring some extras) and all the space that Rover needs for roaming.

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I have been a visitor to Cherry Creek State Park for 15 years to ride my bike, fish, and run my dogs off leash. My main concern is the off leash area for dogs. I disagree with the future plans interested parties have for this issue. Decreasing the area for off leash, increasing park fees to cover the cost of fencing an area specifically for horse riders/hikers/dirt bicyclists is unfair to long time dog walkers. If this passes, the park attendence will decrease. No dog walker wants to pay additional fees for less area to run their dogs and to subsidize an area dedicated to something they will not use. Over a million dollars to fence off an area fewer people will use??? ridiculous. It sounds as though political powers that be are determined to make this happen...what a shame to have such manipulation for a public park. Dogs, horses, hikers/bird watchers, bicyclist can and do get along for the most part. I doubt hikers and bicyclist use the off road area predominantly. If I were a horse rider, I would not go to Cherry Creek State Park, I would take my horse out of town to a more scenic less populated area. Lets get serious and stop trying to change what works for the majority in Cherry Creek State Park.


Help save our off-leash areas at Chatfield & Cherry Creek State Park's. Go to: and take action!