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Best Fix for All-Too-Fertile Felines Denver 2010 - Rocky Mountain Alley Cat Alliance

Rocky Mountain Alley Cat Alliance

Rocky Mountain Alley Cat Alliance

2600 W. 2nd Ave.

Denver, CO 80219


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The Feline Fix, Rocky Mountain Alley Cat Alliance's low-cost, high-volume spay-and-neuter program, aims to make a significant dent in Denver's feral cat population by sterilizing thousands of unadoptable strays each year. But the program is also open to domestic tabbies who might otherwise be breeding all sorts of havoc; prices are much lower than what most vets charge for the service, and the Fix even offers occasional specials to help promote awareness of the overpopulation problem.

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Tom Miller
Tom Miller

This is a great organization doing the right thing. Spay/neuter is the only sane way to deal with feline overpopulation -- you simply can't adopt out kittens fast enough to keep up otherwise. If you have been putting off getting Fluffy "fixed" because you are short of cash, this is the place to go. All your kitties already neutered? How about giving a nice donation to further the cause?


Thank you Westword! With spring upon us, intact cats -- both pets and feral -- are looking for lovin' and producing more kittens that we have homes for, so do take advantage of The Feline Fix's low prices. On Friday, April 30, we're celebrating Arbor Day with a half off spay/neuter special. Please see our website for reservation info. Oh, and, we're located at 2600 West 2nd Ave in Denver (not the Lakewood address listed above).