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Best French Fries Denver 2010 - Park Burger

Park Burger

Park Burger

1890 S. Pearl St.

Denver, CO 80210


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Readers' Choice: McDonald's

Ah, Park Burger, how the Platt Park neighborhood loves thee. How else to explain the restless bodies spilling onto the sidewalk, the thirty-minute waits for a table, the sparring over who gets the last slurp of milkshake, the brawls over the fries? It took you a while to get those tubers right, but once you did, we could hear the collective sighs of rapture from here to Idaho. Hand-cut, thin-stemmed, licked with salt, hued the color of polished gold and piled higher than last year's pink slips, these spuds are enough to fry you to the moon.

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Park Burger does have the best fries ever, and in my opinion, the best burgers too.